Priceless Personalities
Sharing Success Stories with January Jones

        I have been fortunate to host an Internet radio talk show called ”January Jones sharing Success Stories” and it has been my secrets and their successes in their own words. In this book, we’re talking about people dealing with problems such as incest, molestation, runaway kids, child abuse, drug abuse, polygamy, unemployment, scandal, starting over, self-confidence, self-esteem and workplace issues. Then there are my guests dealing with difficult physical struggles such as blindness, cancer and birth defects that are beyond traumatic.
        My guests have all been exciting, eclectic, and energizing. They have amazed, amused and even astonished me. I have adored getting to meet them and share them with you.


    Chapter 1: Jeannie Kerrigan - Incest Survivor

    Chapter 2. Stephen Simon – Producer - “Somewhere In Time”

    Chapter 3: Susanna Barlow – Child of Polygamy

    Chapter 4: James Mapes – Actor, Author, Imagination Expert

    Chapter 5: Sydney Biddle Barrows – The Mayflower Madame

    Chapter 6: Daniel Blanchard – Educator, Teen Advocate

    Chapter 7: Anita Mahaffey – Cancer Survivor, CEO Entrepreneur

    Chapter 8: Rory Hoffman & Konnie Ellis – Blind Musician & Blind Author

    Chapter 9: Tawana Williams – Unarmed But Dangerous

    Now here you have 9 interviews from guests who were the most unforgettable and Priceless Personalities that I have been fortunate enough to host on my show. It’s my hope that you will sit back, relax and take the time to get to know them too.

    January Jones

Priceless Personalities

Sharing Success Stories

Have you ever met someone who was unforgettable?
Someone who has touched your heart and soul?
People who have faced difficult problems?
People who have struggled to find solutions?
People who fearlessly shared their stories?
People who have not only informed you but inspired you?
People who have “Priceless Personalities?”


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of Priceless Personalities.

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